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What we do

We help growing businesses scale their talent pool as needed within all IT competences quickly and without the pains and risks of hiring from your exhausted local talent pool.

Top notch people.

We hire only the best in their field on the cutting edge of what’s happening.

Scale with ease.

We have the hands you need, whether it is a single expert or a full team.

Agile as hell.

All our staff are experienced in agile development. And love it, too!

The competence you need

We have the right guy or gal for the job, and can help you increase your team as needed within several areas.

Front-end development

Mobile development

Back-end development

UI/UX Expertise


Connecting East and West

The IT sector in the Eastern Europe is booming at the moment. More and more IT giants are opening up operations to take advantage of this, which is driving up the quality even further.

We want to help you tap into this affordable high quality resource to help you achieve your business goals at lower cost, lower risk and with higher quality.